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Lauren Burtell


 23810 Michigan Ave.

Suite 200 

Dearborn, MI 48124


Monday         10am-7pm

Tuesday         1pm-7pm

Wednesday   10am-7pm

Thursday       10am-5pm

Friday            10am-5pm

Saturday        9am-3pm

By Appointment  313-671-7909

24-hour cancellation policy in effect.


     Reflexology Rates


$60 - 60  Minutes 

$45 - 45  Minutes

$15 - 15 Minutes Hand/Arm Massage


Purchase Five 60-Minute Sessions for $250















Lauren Burtell, Certified Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor, 10 years experience. Formally in Birmingham. Now located in Dearborn.  

No open wounds, cuts or sores.  Please wear comfortable clothing.





Applying pressure to specific areas on the feet that correspond to internal organs in the body. 



  • Increases energy flow and circulation
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Removes toxins





"It was amazing I recommend it!" September 15, 2014 


"Enjoy!" September 8, 2014 


"Very nice!! Thank you!!"                           September 8, 2014


 "Lauren is lovely and very helpful!" Thanks!"   September 5, 2014


"This is an amazing place! You will learn a lot during your visit and feel totally renewed.  Wear comfortable loose clothing. Relax and enjoy."                          August 5, 2014


"Comfortable, casual, friendly." January 23, 2014


"Very good experience!" January 9, 2014


"I have had massages before but what a difference Lauren made to my overall well being. I am truly looking forward to more sessions."                 December 28, 2013


"Excellent reflexology techniques, good explanations of what was occurring as well as good advice."                                           December 23, 2013


"Comfortable, satisfying experience." December 6, 2013


"Loved it!" October 18, 2013


"Lauren is very passionate about reflexology."   September 30, 2014


"It was helpful." September 28, 2013


"Good and thorough treatment."         September 26, 2013


"Thanks for a wonderful experience."        August 23, 2013 


"Relaxing and soothing treatment. Very friendly reflexologist. A tip for new clients - pay the $5 for hot towels. My feet felt wonderful after the treatment." August 9, 2013


"Hurts so good!" August 8,2013


"Thank you, Lauren! One of the best foot reflexology services I have come across in a long time."        July 16, 2013


"Lauren was professional and informative.  I enjoyed her serverices, and would go back again." June 24, 2013


"I have chronic back pain. Lauren was very compassionate, and gave me hope to alleviate a lot of the pain."    June 12, 2013  


"Looking forward to my next appointment."  April 10, 2013


"Very professional." April 2, 2013


"Thank-you for a new experience.  Even though you worked on my feet, my entire body felt a difference."           April 1, 2013


"Lauren is a wonderfulreflexologist." March 30, 2013


"I felt very relaxed and refreshed after my appointment."  March 29, 2013


"Lauren was very sweet and responsive to my needs."           March 11, 2013   


"Had a wonderful, informative reflexology session."  March 7, 2013


"I'll have to see what kind of difference it makes." March 5, 2013
"Thank you, Lauren... I was so tired when I got home and slept.  I shared with my husband what you told me and will with others too."  February 19, 2013
"Great Service." December 10, 2012
"My feet felt great afterward, you are good at it! Thank you."             December 8, 2012
"The therapist is knowledgeable and skilled.  The visit was relaxing and effective in freeing up energy that had been locked.  When I left my whole body was tingling and the hair on my arms was standing up straight, meaning there was considerable energy flowing in my body that was not goose bump. Thanks, Lauren!         November 10, 2012 
"I found the session very interesting."     November 9, 2012
"It was a great experience.  My feet never felt so good.  Try it. You'll love it too." November 8, 2012 
"Lauren is well trained and a competent practitioner.  I will return for more reflexology in the near future."     October 17, 2012